Christian Science Nursing at Wayside House

To provide quality Christian Science nursing care is the heart of Wayside’s mission. Christian Science nursing is based on the demonstrated healing power of God alone. Members and adherents of Christian Science, who rely solely on prayer for healing, may at times require practical, professional care.

Christian Science nurses are dedicated Christian Scientists, who are trained to provide practical loving care that meets the patient’s physical need and is consistent with the theology of Christian Science.

Christian Science Nursing care admission is open to anyone relying on Christian Science alone for healing, while working with a Journal-listed Christian Science Practitioner.
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Information on financial assistance

Benevolence in the form of reduced room rates, may be available on a case-by-case basis. Call us directly at: 250 598-4521 ext. 1.

Wayside House,

We were blessed beyond measure when our mother, age 94, needed more round-the-clock support and moved to Wayside House last September. Our mother’s journey and recent passing couldn’t have been more peaceful, for which we will always be grateful! The staff at Wayside House cared for her as if she were their mother. They were personal and professional, so very respectful, responsive to her needs, and attentive to detail. For instance, when they noticed how much our mother loved hummingbirds, they fastened a hummingbird feeder to her window so that daily she could witness the coming and goings of these delightful visitors. Meals were home cooked and delicious, tailored to her needs, and beautifully presented. The doors were always open to us, her daughters, to visit daily, even with our dogs. We would like others to know what a jewel Wayside House is and what a tremendous gift the entire staff has given us in their dedicated care and understanding of our mother: they saw her beauty, grace, her wholeness, and held her in love.

In Gratitude,
Daughters of a patient