Christian Science Nurses Training

Le Verger Christian Science Nurses Training at Wayside House

Mrs. Eddy says in Science and Health: “Love inspires, illumines, designates and leads the way.” (S&H 454:18-19) Christian Science nurses are greatly needed across Canada and worldwide. There are various ways to learn how to become a Christian Science nurse. Le Verger is one of the options available in Canada and is supported at Wayside House. Le Verger is a Christian Science nursing facility in Switzerland, that offers accredited individualized Christian Science nurses training for students of Christian Science wishing to become Christian Science nurses. It is flexible and adaptable to the needs of each individual, and enables the students to stay in their own country, and support their local Christian Science churches.

The program consists of 4 levels. The student’s readiness for training is evaluated by LeVerger. Once accepted into the program the training consists of a classroom portion, where we discuss the ethical, and practical aspects of different situations and guide the student to find his or her own way in fulfilling the Church Manual by-law for the Christian Science nurse, (Man. 49:7). The Christian Science nurse always keeps foremost in thought that the purpose of Christian Science nursing is to be in constant expectation of full and complete healing.

The classroom portion is provided by a trainer, followed by a mentoring program, which starts when the student takes his or her first patient in the field or here at Wayside, it means going from the classroom straight onto the Christian Science nursing floor. We work side by side with students providing initial guidance and supporting them each step of the way until they feel ready and confident to take on the tasks themselves.

We follow a check list of requirements that the student needs to fulfill to move up to the next level of training until they are ultimately ready to list their name in the Christian Science Journal. It is a wonderful inspiring journey of spiritual growth, and a privilege to witness Christian Science healing.

Wayside House may offer funds to assist with costs during the training and mentorship period, or we can direct you to organizations that may assist with funding, and training opportunities. If you have questions call the Managing Director, at 250-598-4521 ext. 4, or send an email to our Business Office.

We also provide ongoing training in the form of in-service workshops, to keep up with current standards, and to keep our skill level up.